Monday, February 17, 2014

Grandma Lewis

    Two weeks ago, I lost my rock, My Grandmother. Mary Corine Lewis, our middle names match. I've always thought that was special, our middle names are unique. But there was so much more to our relationship than a shared middle name, it was something special. Grandma was the type of person who saw the good in everyone, no matter what their story was or what they came from, she saw them for who they were. I always admired that about her, her ability to love without abandon. She loved me for who I was too, always making sure I was taken care of, and that I had everything I needed. The same story was mentioned to me throughout my life, "I do it because I promised your Grandpa I would." Even as I type this, I feel like my heart is breaking all over again. She believed in me like no one else, making sure I knew that I was special, smart and loved. Above all else, she was idol. I wanted to be like her, to raise a family and be a strong woman, have a love for God and live an honest, hardworking life.  
     I don't feel like I will ever feel a love like that again, the special bond that we shared will live on forever in my heart, hearing her laughter in my mind and seeing her smile as I dream at night are constant reminders that she will never leave me. I love you Grandma, I will see you again. 

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