Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The List

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Another day rocking the mic here at work, hope everyone is having a great day. It has been warmer today here in Michigan, with impending showers and thunderstorms tomorrow evening. I did want to share something that I found on another website that I love, makeupandbeautyblog.com. I haven't done a survey since the days of MySpace, but I thought it would be fun to do one today. Here goes!

Le List:

* Have you ever had a bunk bed?
Of course! My siblings and I would tuck blankets under the top bunk mattress to make a "fort." It was so fun! I loved sleeping on the top bunk, it felt so cool to be sleeping so close to the ceiling.

* Are you working on any self-improvement projects?
The question is, when aren't I? Lately I have been working on patience, within myself and also on the job. I have to admit, it's hard sometimes!

* When was the last time you wore a formal gown?
Definitely at my sister's wedding, in March of 2011. I felt so glamorous, even though I wasn't the bride!

* How long does it take you to do your eye makeup in the morning?
Usually about ten minutes. Here is my routine: moisturizer, primer, shadow, mascara, eyeliner and under-eye concealer, in that order.

*How many different places have you lived?
Definitely not anywhere exciting, like Paris or Chicago. Only three places from the time I was born until now.

* This week I'd like to ...
Get through the work-week so I can go into vacation mode.

* When was the last time you went to Vegas?
I haven't been, but S and I have been talking about visiting sometime this Fall for a few days. (Birthday gift, perhaps? :D)

* What's your favorite doughnut?
Oh, that's a tough one. I love doughnuts, and I usually go for frosted cake ones with a glass of orange juice or milk. If I am feeling especially fancy, I will spring for a cream filled long john or a nut-topped cinnamon roll.

*How often do you prepare meals for yourself?
Daily, and usually something quick, as the life of a dispatcher is demanding. S also loves to cook, as he went to college for culinary arts. We usually try to go for a fun dinner once a week at our favorite Mexican spot the next town over.

* Did you have any posters on your bedroom walls as a kid or when you were a teenager?
So many! I had an entire wall in my room dedicated to the actor Josh Hartnett, silly I know! He was handsome though! 

So that was my list! I have to admit that I laughed loudly while I was typing it. It was so fun to do!

Special Thank You to Karen at Make-Up & Beauty Blog  for the use of her idea!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Old Time Rock and Roll

Hey Everyone!

Last night S and I were laying awake in bed talking about our day at the workplace, when the subject came up about classic rock (although I don't know how it came up)! We were soon scanning through YouTube on my phone and playing old music videos. You know, back when MTV actually played music videos!  We agreed that musicians just don't make music like they used to. The majority of the songs that we looked up and played were sung with so much heart, and the lyrics really told a story or expressed what the singer was trying to convey. I also made mention that I was glad that my parents raised my siblings and I around classic rock and country, because I appreciate music so much more now. Singers today like Ke$ha and the Black Eyed Peas use synthesizers and other instruments to make their music sound unique, and others don't sing live at all. I just wish it was pure and simple, like it was back then!

Daily Nubbins:

* Got our deck power-washed today. We are hoping to stain it this weekend to keep it looking like new.

* Had an awesome Sunday with my friend from Germany! We had hot dogs, BBQ sandwiches and lots of fellowship! I was really dragging butt the next morning at work because we visited so late!

* I am being given my own 911 assignment starting next week. I can't believe it's already time! I am nervous!